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Annalise Grammel 

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Natalie Clay 

"I began volunteering at Honor Flight over a year ago. I wanted to find a way to give back to my great grandfather who was a colonel in World War ll. What I didn’t realize was what an impact Honor Flight was going to have. The kindness and compassion from all of the volunteers and gratefulness from the veterans made me want to do more. Furthermore, beginning my process of creating a 5k in an effort to raise money for those on the waitlist.  Last year the 5k was successful, but I still want to do more for such a deserving group of people. This year I created a committee with representatives from local high schools. The students from Gahanna Lincoln, New Albany, and Columbus Academy in the committee have been extremely helpful with outreach and aiding Honor Flight in their mission to have every veteran get the welcome home they deserve. I can not thank them enough for all of their work." 

"The reason i joined was because both of my grandparents served in the military and have shared their memories with me and i thought that this would be a great thing to do in support of them"

“I wanted to get involved with Honor Flight 5k because I recognize the importance of the sacrifices veterans have made for me, and I want to give back to my community. I love running and want to support veterans and Honor Flight 5k helps me do both!”


Ben Towler 

Grace Moricca

Regan Cornelius 

"I got involved in the Honor Flight 5k as an opportunity to give back to those who have given so much of their lives for us and our country, and to learn real-world skills. Things such as talking to companies, staying organized, and being able to set up sponsorship opportunities will be useful to know the rest of my life, and there is no better cause to dedicate time to and try to learn these skills for!"


"I wanted to get involved with the honor flight 5k because I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to get involved in my community. I am already involved in a lot of things but honor flight was not yet something I had participated in. I am always inspired by the Washington DC trip that the students take wth honor flight members every year, it seems like such a cool experience. I believe our veterans do not get enough credit for the service that they do for our country, so when the opportunity came up to help with the 5k I jumped on it. I am so excited to see how the 5k progresses this year and the years to come!"

 "As a runner myself, I believe running is an amazing way to bring a community together, and there’s no better way to do this than creating a 5k run (the perfect distance to get a good workout and not exert yourself too much) for such a great cause. These men and women have done so much for our country and for our futures, and as hard as it is to repay them for their courageous acts and hardwork, I feel like sending them to D.C. would mean the world to them. I would love to send as many veterans to D.C. as we possibly can because they truly do deserve it. That is why I wanted to be involved in the Honor Flight 5k."